You did it, programming, you did it! You’re 70!

This month we are celebrating the birth of the modern programming paradigm as the first code was successfully executed on ENIAC, one of the earliest electronic general-purpose computer, in 1947. This machine was no laptop, heck, it wasn’t even a desktop! Measuring in at eight feet tall and eighty foot long. It didn’t come with [...]

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Why Use Social Media for Your Business?

Is Social Media Marketing worth the time? Social media isn’t really a new thing, but maybe for your business it is. Marketing on social media platforms can seem like a foreign concept, and sometimes doesn’t even seem worth the effort. So, is it worth the time and energy to use social media as a marketing [...]

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Meet the Team: Bolt

Mascots are fun right? We think so too. Thats why we would like to introduce our mascot here at Thunderstruck Design: Bolt. Bolt was born in December of 2016 when a one of our designers wanted to make something fun for the office. He was gifted to Rod on Christmas and fast became an integral [...]

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Take Time to Play

In the creative business we are constantly confronted with deadlines and quick turn-arounds which can be very stressful on creative people. Sometimes the ideas ‘flow’ quickly, often times they do not. Creativity can be a struggle. That’s why it’s important to take a break every 90 minutes or so and just have a little fun. [...]

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Meet the Team: Hazel

It’s me Hazel. The voice you hear when you call Thunderstruck Design. I grew up in Gibson City until my junior year in high school. I then moved to Champaign to finish high school. Moving from a small town to here was quite a change for me. Luckily, I met a few of my classmates [...]

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