My Greatest Gift

In honor of this past Father's Day, I would like to share a letter written to me by my daughter Leah when she was just a little girl in middle school. The letter was part of a class assignment where the students were asked to choose someone for "Outstanding Person of the Year". They could choose famous [...]

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Our New Website has Launched! 🚀

OUR NEW WEBSITE IS LIVE! What better way to send off the old website than to kiss 😘  it goodbye on #NationalKissingDay!?! After working on updating our website for several months now, we've officially launched 🚀 it. The purpose of this redesign and update wasn't to throw the old site completely out of the window, [...]

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Find your voice

Working here at Thunderstruck Design, I love when a branding project comes through the door. Sometimes when I meet with a client, they think that their brand begins and ends with their logo. Although the logo is our first step in visually presenting the brand, it is just one piece of a much larger puzzle. [...]

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