Uncreative Thoughts Every Creative Person Thinks

Being creative means feeling like none of your ideas are creative. Seriously, it’s like a rule. Here’s the thing, being creative is harder than one might think. Actually, no… being creative isn’t the hard part; convincing yourself that your idea is creative and good enough is what’s difficult. It’s like no matter what we [...]

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Website Peace of Mind for Only $85 Per Month

Keeping your business WordPress website maintained and up-to-date is a critical function to help your site operate smoothly and attract new customers. For a small monthly investment, count on Thunderstruck Design to make sure plugins are kept up-to-date, fix minor problems before they become bigger problems and to make daily back-ups. To sign up, contact [...]

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A Blast from the Past!

Just yesterday, Heather Sinclair, who was my first hire at Richard Newman Associates when I served as their art director, stopped by and handed me these pieces that she had in her file. Wow, talk about taking a walk back memory lane! The year... 1985... these pieces were part of a three-part marketing campaign for the [...]

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