Google Fonts, a Web Designer’s Best Friend.

We all know when it comes to design... Typography is important. Like REALLY important. Whether you are designing for print or web, figuring out your typographic aesthetic and hierarchy is one of the most important steps to any design. One typographic tool that has been making life easier for designers and developers for as long as I have [...]

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Stepped Back In Time

WE STEPPED BACK IN TIME, TWICE! My husband Ralph's family has held family reunions for many years.  This year made it their 43rd which was held in Denver, CO.  There are suggestions/votes to which cities we would visit for the next two years.  Once suggestions are made and votes have been counted for the most [...]

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Illinois: Bad for Business

After two long years, Illinois lawmakers finally passed a state budget. But not without a 5 billion dollar tax increase. Once again, taxpayers like you and I shoulder the financial burdens of this state thanks to our elected officials. Thank you very much. With the passed budget comes a 67% increase to businesses, up from [...]

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