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Sites We Love: Pottermore

As Thunderstruck's resident Web Designer and giant Harry Potter nerd, I thought I would take my blog this month to give a shout out to the beauty that is the Pottermore website. Pottermore, for those of you out there who aren't as obsessed with the magical world created by J. K. Rowling as I, is a [...]

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Graphic Means | A Documentary for Designers

Recently I had the chance to see the new documentary "Graphic Means" that explores the evolution of graphic design production from 1950s through the 1990s. The Documentary focuses mainly on the drastic transition in the design and printing industry, as new machinery and technology made way for the digital processes we use now. As someone who [...]

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Google Fonts, a Web Designer’s Best Friend.

We all know when it comes to design... Typography is important. Like REALLY important. Whether you are designing for print or web, figuring out your typographic aesthetic and hierarchy is one of the most important steps to any design. One typographic tool that has been making life easier for designers and developers for as long as I have [...]

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Web Design Process

Ever wonder what it takes to get a website up and running? Since we just launched our own new website, we thought it would be a great idea to explain the general website design process here at Thunderstruck Design: Initial Consultation At Thunderstruck, all of our projects start with an free [...]

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HOW Design Live | A Designers Experience

So How Design Live 2017 just ended and all the emails I have been getting about it lately reminded me about my own experience at the HOW conference back in 2015. For those of you who don’t know, How Design Live is a annual conference that brings designers from all over together to network, share knowledge and marvel at everything [...]

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Meet the Team: Bolt

Mascots are fun right? We think so too. Thats why we would like to introduce our mascot here at Thunderstruck Design: Bolt. Bolt was born in December of 2016 when a one of our designers wanted to make something fun for the office. He was gifted to Rod on Christmas and fast became an integral [...]

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Meet the Team: Anne

Hi! My name is Anne (pronounced Ah-Nah – it’s weird I know). I grew up in the Chicago suburbs and spent part of my young adult life in central/southern Illinois until I found my way to Champaign after college. I have been working at Thunderstruck Design as a graphic designer ever since I graduated from Illinois State University with [...]

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