Being an Administrative Assistant

Being an Administrative Assistant

Being an administrative assistant can mean a lot of things. As for me, I learned on-the-job. Meaning that in the beginning of my career, I learned on my own to master the skills that I know today. In high school, I did not know what I wanted to do as far as having a career. I chose typing in my senior year just for fun. Little did I know that it would be the path to my future.

My first start was at Richard Newman Associates. I spoke about that in my first blog. Richard Newman owned the building and leased office space for multiple firms. I was the receptionist for all of them –- a 15+ line system, plus any typing that needed to be done. I learned so much in having the opportunity to start there.

When I mention to people that I’m an administrative assistant that answers phones, many say that they did not think an administrative assistant answered phones. But, as mentioned above, it can consist of many duties. It is not always starting at the top. I believe (from my own experience) that starting out as I did, gave me different angles to conquer.

Even today, I’m conquering. Still answering phones, but given more challenges. I was so familiar working on a PC, but had to switch to a Mac. Also given the task of figuring out how to use Quickbooks and I have always hated math. QB makes it pretty easy to handle once you figure out what you’re doing. Rod was more familiar with QB and showed me what he knew. I also attended a workshop, not knowing the full details of the workshop, I had already learned what was being taught. The creative team here (the graphic designers) has nicknamed me ‘Eagle Eye’ Hazel in becoming a proofreader on projects they are doing.

I’m glad to have chosen this area of expertise and I like wearing all the different hats that have come and that may come ahead. What hat will you be wearing today? I want to say to all of us out there, wishing you a belated Happy Administrative Professional’s Day. I think it feels pretty special to have a day that represents you.


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