Stepped Back In Time

WE STEPPED BACK IN TIME, TWICE! My husband Ralph's family has held family reunions for many years.  This year made it their 43rd which was held in Denver, CO.  There are suggestions/votes to which cities we would visit for the next two years.  Once suggestions are made and votes have been counted for the most [...]

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A Blast from the Past!

Just yesterday, Heather Sinclair, who was my first hire at Richard Newman Associates when I served as their art director, stopped by and handed me these pieces that she had in her file. Wow, talk about taking a walk back memory lane! The year... 1985... these pieces were part of a three-part marketing campaign for the [...]

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My Greatest Gift

In honor of this past Father's Day, I would like to share a letter written to me by my daughter Leah when she was just a little girl in middle school. The letter was part of a class assignment where the students were asked to choose someone for "Outstanding Person of the Year". They could choose famous [...]

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