Illinois: Bad for Business

After two long years, Illinois lawmakers finally passed a state budget. But not without a 5 billion dollar tax increase. Once again, taxpayers like you and I shoulder the financial burdens of this state thanks to our elected officials. Thank you very much. With the passed budget comes a 67% increase to businesses, up from [...]

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Take Time to Play

In the creative business we are constantly confronted with deadlines and quick turn-arounds which can be very stressful on creative people. Sometimes the ideas ‘flow’ quickly, often times they do not. Creativity can be a struggle. That’s why it’s important to take a break every 90 minutes or so and just have a little fun. [...]

By | April 12th, 2017|Rod's Rants|

Respect the Brand

Establishing a Strong Company Image (This article is an excerpt from a marketing workshop presented to the Champaign County Chamber of Commerce) In today’s global economy, your brand image is your handshake with the world. Through the internet, we can communicate with individuals and businesses half way around the world in an instant. It’s imperative [...]

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Follow Your Passions

What lights you up? What interests do you have that you could do them all day… effortlessly? And now for the big question: Is this what you are doing currently? Entrepreneurs know how to turn their passions into business. They find what they love to do and then dive in 100% and turn their dreams [...]

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Up the Ante with Cross-Channel Marketing

When developing a direct marketing campaign, it’s a good idea to think in a much broader scope than a single media approach. Research has shown that using a select choice of multiple media, referred to as cross-channel marketing, can greatly increase your customers and prospects response rate… often as much as 35%. Today, many marketers [...]

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Reinventing Your Ideas: How the Little Things Yield Big Results

(NOTE: The following article is based upon a presentation at the 2013 HOW Design Conference by Johnny Cupcakes, a.k.a. Johnny Earle) On a cool and rainy Monday evening in San Francisco this past Summer, I had the pleasure to listen to a dynamic presenter and entrepreneur… Johnny Cupcakes. For those of you who might not [...]

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Corporate Giving… Why it is Good Business

For the past several years, I have served as the Community Service Director for my Rotary Club, C-U Sunrise in Champaign. Part of my role includes working with the Volunteer Services Chair and Committee to develop some volunteer opportunities for our club members. This got me thinking about the many local businesses that contribute so [...]

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Roberts Design is Now Thunderstruck Design

Well, it’s finally official!  As of October 1, 2013, Roberts Design Company, Inc. is now Thunderstruck Design. After many, many months of preparation, we are excited to make this announcement. We hope you’ll share in the excitement too. You’ll begin seeing our new brand immediately… so be on the look out. So why the name [...]

By | October 1st, 2013|Office News, Rod's Rants|

10 Things a Design Firm Will Want to Know Before Starting a Project

When hiring a design company or graphic designer to work on a specific project or campaign, many details need to be brought to light before beginning. Fortunately, a good design firm or designer will know what to ask to help make the process easier for the client. Typically, we question clients to get a good [...]

By | August 13th, 2013|Rod's Rants|

What’s Your Design Strategy?

When beginning your next marketing project, do you ever think of the “design strategy?” This is an industry term among graphic designers usually spoken when we first begin the process of gathering information about a specific project or campaign. When we speak of a strategy, it refers to putting together a plan to achieve an [...]

By | July 2nd, 2013|Rod's Rants|

Getting it Printed (Part 2)

Print Specifications and Bid Evaluation In last month’s article, we covered how to identify and select the right printer for your print job. This month’s article covers basics on how to specify your print project in terms your printer can understand and how to compare your printing bids once they have been received. Once you [...]

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Getting it Printed (Part 1)

Selecting and working with printers When managing a print project, you need to know some of the capabilities of many printers. Each project is unique, and based on types of equipment and other factors, certain printers may be better suited for the job than others. Having two to three primary printers in different categories can [...]

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