Graphic Means | A Documentary for Designers

Recently I had the chance to see the new documentary “Graphic Means” that explores the evolution of graphic design production from 1950s through the 1990s. The Documentary focuses mainly on the drastic transition in the design and printing industry, as new machinery and technology made way for the digital processes we use now.

As someone who went to college in the last decade, graphic design for me has always been centered around computer technology and digital education. I was taught the general history behind graphic design and its evolution from basic letterpress to desktop publishing, but what makes this film so wonderful is that it fills in a gap by providing a human perspective on this dramatic shift from people who lived it.

I would definitely recommend this documentary for any graphic designer, especially those who entered the purely digital design world.


Graphic Means (Official Trailer) from Briar Levit on Vimeo.

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