Meet the Team: Abby

Hey, I’m Abby, but my friends call me Gail. (I guess that makes me Abigail.)

I’m a graduate from the University of Illinois where I received a B.S. in Advertising. After finishing my undergraduate degree, I went on to get a Graphic Design Certificate from Parkland College. After interning here at Thunderstruck last summer, I continued to work here officially as a graphic designer. Currently, I am working on creating a social media strategy service to help local business better utilize their social media. So be on the lookout for that!

When I’m not cranking up the jams at my desk, you might find me watching my favorite TV shows, going on random adventures, hanging out with my friends, or cycling (a new found interest of mine). Oh, and I love a good game night. Euchre is by far my favorite, but really any old board game will do. Watch out though, because I can’t control my competitiveness.



Abby’s Favorites:

  • Food – Chips & Queso
  • Typeface – Bebas Neue
  • Color – I don’t discriminate. They are all great. Plus depending on my mood or what I’m using it for, I’ll choose something different every time.
  • Movie – Either Love & Basketball or The Proposal
  • TV Show – Chicago Fire
  • Book – None. I’m really not a reader. Sorry to disappoint all my former teachers (well except maybe my former art teacher).
  • Band – I don’t really follow a band. Brett Eldredge is definitely my favorite singer but 85% of the time you’ll hear me listening to 90’s pop. I can’t help it, old school is the best!
  • Animal – Probably a monkey, but they are all so darn cute, it’s hard to choose!



If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?  Oh, flying for sure! Really, I just want to be able to fly so that I can travel on the cheap and explore the world. Plus, no airport lines is a plus in my book. And, I guess I could save a few lives if I need to.

If you could master one skill you do not currently have, what would it be?  Doing impressions. Joey Gladstone on Full House was the coolest! (what, I like comedy!)

If you had to fight 1 Horse sized Duck or 100 duck sized horses, which would you choose? Obviously, I would fight 1 horse sized duck. First, because it would be super cool to see a duck the size of a horse. Second, that is only one creature to keep track of during the fight vs 100. And lastly, because I think after the fight we’d become friends and then I’d have a horse-sized duck to ride around. Which by the way, is way cooler than a regular horse because then we could float on water and do duck stuff together.

If you could no longer work in the field that you currently do, what would you do?  If I’m dreaming a little (ok, maybe a lot), I would definitely want to be on SNL. Which, is exactly why being able to do impressions would come in handy!

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