Meet the Team: Jason

Hey there! I’m Jason… Im about three things… Code, Coffee, and some other “C” word. Probably cookie…

I’m a self taught, curious, code/web enthusiast. I’ve always approached life with questions such as, “How does this work?”, or “If I take this apart, can I get it back together with extra parts?” The day I upgraded my 14k modem to 56k on my gateway desktop was a proud day. I thought the internet couldn’t get any faster.

When I’m not hanging out on StackExchange and playing this awesome game or this one, you can find me playing my guitar, messing around with a drum kit, but most of all enjoying my family.



Jason’s Favorites:



If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?  Instant Teleportation through time and space. Because I could catch up on sleep and travel!

If you could master one skill you do not currently have, what would it be?  Language/platform agnostic programmer

If you had to fight 1 Horse sized Duck or 100 duck sized horses, which would you choose?   100 duck sized horses. I would make them my minions.

If you could no longer work in the field that you currently do, what would you do?  Pastor/Orphanage Director

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