Meet the Team: Rod

Hi, I’m Rod, the owner of Thunderstruck… but it’s not about me… it’s the team that makes this place special!

I’m originally from the beautiful hills of Wheeling, West-By-God-Virginia… and I got to get back at least a couple of times a year to get my “hill fix”. I moved out here an eternity ago, and it’s now what I call home. Still too flat for my taste though.

My role here at Thunderstruck has certainly changed over the years. When I started back in 1995, I was the designer and well, everything else too. Now, I call myself a “professional e-mailer”. I am receiving and typing emails off and on all day… communicating with clients, staff and whomever. I also write all the proposals for new projects, so when it comes time to talk money, you’ll want to talk to me.

When not in front of my laptop, I enjoy reading, listening to music, putzing around the house (always something to do) and especially spending time with my 18 year old daughter Leah. We have a lot of fun together, she’s my daredevil. Got her on her first roller coaster when she was 10 and now she rides things I won’t even look at!

I also enjoy driving my new Black Lexus IS 350… it’s really fast.



Abby’s Favorites:

  • Food – Anything Mexican
  • Typeface – Goudy Sans
  • Color – Blue
  • Movie – Airplane
  • Tv Show – The 10 ‘o clock news
  • Book – The Shining by Stephen King
  • Band – Journey (Boston is a close second)
  • Animal – Dogs



If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?  Invisibility… be fun to sneak up behind someone and tap them on the shoulder

If you could master one skill you do not currently have, what would it be?  Learn to play guitar… always wanted to be a rock star, who doesn’t

If you had to fight 1 Horse sized Duck or 100 duck sized horses, which would you choose?   100 duck sized horses… it would be fairly easy since they really don’t exist anyway

If you could no longer work in the field that you currently do, what would you do?  Open an art gallery in the shadow of the Colorado Rockies

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