My Greatest Gift

In honor of this past Father’s Day, I would like to share a letter written to me by my daughter Leah when she was just a little girl in middle school.

The letter was part of a class assignment where the students were asked to choose someone for “Outstanding Person of the Year”. They could choose famous celebrities, athletes, influential people from the past and present or people they might know. My daughter chose me, and here is what she wrote back in 2010 when she was about 11 years old:


If anybody should win most Outstanding Person of the Year, it would be my Dad! My Dad is a fun, smart man! He is the boss of his very own design company! Oh, and I forgot, he’s very creative too. My Dad is always coming up with creative, amazing ways to make things more fun! Some of the things he does for work and for fun are…

He made a board game for his brother’s 50th birthday. This game was all about his brother. My Dad had pictures of his brother growing up in each of the spaces. He even had directions! The final product looked like a brand new, REAL board game, right off the shelf! It was amazing! That was one of his best things, but there is more…

My Dad’s job isn’t just plain ol’e designing. He does logo designing! He has done tons of logos for many companies. Even his own company, Roberts Design Company. Some companies he did logos for are, Gameday Spirit, Gill Athletics, The Eye Center, St. Joseph Spartans, and Litania Sports Group. He also designs websites for different companies. Some of these include: Engelbrecht Grills, Aquality Solutions Water Company, Cramer Homes, and Litania Sports Group. That’s not all of them, but these are the biggest, and most well known.

Next, my Dad is great off the job too. He gives great advice, and is a lot of fun to be around. In the spring and summer, he’ll play baseball and soccer with me out in the yard. When it’s not nice outside, he’ll play Trouble or Monopoly with me inside. My Dad is also fun to talk to. He makes any conversation much more enjoyable.

I love my Dad a lot, and I’m very, very lucky to have him. Some kid’s Dad’s left, some are in the war, and some aren’t even alive anymore. My Dad would make a great Outstanding Person of the Year! He’s a great Dad, and I think he deserves something in return for everything he does. I Love You Daddy!

Love, Leah

After all these years, reading this still brings a tear or two. I have been truly given the greatest gift in the world… my daughter.


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