Rod is always talking about client relationships. I just want to share that one of our long time clients came in a while ago and gave me a hug, mentioning that it was good to see me and I had been missed (been a while since we’ve seen each other). It was great to be appreciated outside of the office and it made my day.

Rod also instills that in the office – celebrating a milestone, whether it’s a birthday (you get to pick where you’d like to go for lunch), work or personal wedding anniversary, finishing a big project, and sometimes, just because (and that can involve Jarlings Custard Cup). It happens for many of our clients as well – remembering their birthdays, welcoming a new baby into the family, sending a new project or referral our way, etc.

It continues. I was at the hair salon a couple of weeks ago and I mentioned to my beautician how much I appreciated her in that several times when I’ve called to make an appointment, she will squeeze me in and she’ll say that she heard it in my voice that I needed to get in right away. We always laugh about that. I also appreciate that when you make an appointment, you are not sitting and waiting for an hour or more while she may be finishing up another client. I told her that if she ever retired, it would be devastating for a lot of her clients. I know for myself since I’ve been going to her for more than 10 years. Now, my husband goes for his haircuts. She assured me that she loves what she does and also appreciates her long time clients as well and that she’s not going anywhere. That, I was happy to hear.

It’s nice to give and receive; try it and see what might happen. Then you’ll know how amazing this ONE word can be.

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