Roberts Design is Now Thunderstruck Design

Well, it’s finally official!  As of October 1, 2013, Roberts Design Company, Inc. is now Thunderstruck Design. After many, many months of preparation, we are excited to make this announcement. We hope you’ll share in the excitement too. You’ll begin seeing our new brand immediately… so be on the look out.

So why the name change? The new name, Thunderstruck Design, reflects a repositioning of the company that will provide a platform to incorporate new services to offer our clients. It will provide a launchpad for growth and expansion to better serve those who come to us for help with their marketing.

Roberts Design Company was built upon a strong foundation of graphic design excellence and personalized service.  Our focus and strengths are in branding, print and advertising and we have created many exciting and unique campaigns for businesses in these areas.  Continuing that legacy as we move forward as Thunderstruck, we will incorporate an enhanced focus on digital marketing, website design, social media development and management and consultation services. And I am sure the new name will create a buzz in the graphic design community providing us access to an ever widened pool of creative talent.

So what’s with the name Thunderstruck Design? Am I some sort of rabid AC/DC fan? No, not at all. I just liked the name. I actually acquired the domain years ago. The word ‘Thunderstruck’ represents how often times ideas seem to strike out of the blue. I have always been fascinated by weather and weather phenomenon, so it seems fitting to me. Additionally, I think it lays a great foundation to build a vibrant and creative culture for our team members. Plus, it’s memorable and rolls off the tongue easily and just plain cool!

Our new logo depicts a ‘cloud and lightning bolt’ symbolizing the meaning described above. Along with the new mark, we have adopted a simple tagline for this repositioning – “Communicate Loudly”.  “It is always been my belief that a simple and well developed message is the best way for a business to effectively reach its customers. Our tagline says that loud and clear.

We are also pleased to announce that we have recently moved into our new office space on the 7th floor of the Huntington Tower. The additional 485 sq. ft. offers a more conducive environment and creative atmosphere… not to mention a little more leg room. It also provides a wonderful view of Champaign and Campustown. Stop by and visit when you’re in the downtown area, we’ll be happy to show you around.

With all the changes, your probably wondering are there any more? Yes and no. For instance, the phone numbers remain the same, both the office and fax lines. However, our emails have changed. To reach any staff member just type their first name followed by and you’ll be connected at the touch of the return key. And there is yet one more change… we have added Michael Vincent to the creative team. When you have a moment… check it out.

I know I speak for my entire staff when I say that we are very excited about our new brand, our future and our continued service to our clients. We appreciate the opportunity to be a small, but effective part of helping companies like yours grow, thrive and become successful. We look forward to continuing that legacy as Thunderstruck Design.


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