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What does Thunderstruck do? We are brand communication specialists. We make sure your message is concise, consistent and clear to your customers.

At Thunderstruck Design, we are a full-service graphic design and marketing company… and when we say full service, we mean it. Our primary focus is on our client’s brand image. We develop brand identity, including logos, for our clients and help them craft a brand message and aesthetic to carry through all of their marketing materials; everything from brochures, direct mailers, websites, video to television spots, radio commercials, outdoor, email marketing and social media strategies. Thunderstruck is your one stop service for your brand and marketing needs.

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What We Don’t Do

  • Surprise you with any hidden costs

  • Fight sharks

  • Run your business

  • Use Comic Sans or Papyrus

  • Say no to donuts or coffee

  • Ignore our clients

  • Lion taming

  • Use an automated phone system

  • Knitting

  • Heart surgery

  • Design in Microsoft Office

  • Leap tall buildings in a single bound

  • Copy other work

  • Slay vampires

  • Wizardry