Up the Ante with Cross-Channel Marketing

When developing a direct marketing campaign, it’s a good idea to think in a much broader scope than a single media approach. Research has shown that using a select choice of multiple media, referred to as cross-channel marketing, can greatly increase your customers and prospects response rate… often as much as 35%.

Today, many marketers are utilizing at least two types of media, many linked digitally to their websites or social media in one form or another. This method delivers a cohesive and consistent marketing message that when coordinated across the various media channels can make an impact and provide results for your efforts.

Research from shop.org has revealed that most consumers use at least three variations of media when shopping for a product or service. These cross-channel shoppers also spend up to 10 times more and are usually 25-50% more profitable than single channel minded consumers.

How well does cross-channel direct marketing work? Let’s take a closer look at some figures, shall we…

  • A campaign that uses print only to reach their prospect/customer base nets an average 6.5% response rate.
  • Adding a website promotion or landing page to a print campaign increases the response rate an average of 19%.
  • Adding an e-mail promotion with print jumps the response rate to around 28%.
  • Using print, web, e-mail and mobile marketing bumps up your average to approximately 34%.
    *Source: InfoTrends Study

Although we can see the value in response rates, executing a successful cross-channel marketing campaign is not without some challenges. Some of the obstacles include:

  • developing a workable cross-channel strategy
  • designing for the various media types
  • tracking and evaluating the results
  • coordinating and managing the various media types
  • obtaining customer and prospect lists and other data

As an example of cross-channel direct marketing, RDC along with Keagle Marketing and Advertising launched a multi-faceted marketing campaign for Arends-Hogan-Walker (AHW). The campaign had many media layers, all of which had to be coordinated and timed to hit the market at a precise time.

The entire focus of the campaign was the merger of the two John Deere dealerships, Arends Bros. and Hogan-Walker. The strategy was to inform existing customers of the merger and to communicate the many benefits the merger would provide. Along with a new brand identity, RDC and KMA worked closely with the clients’ web developers to run a teaser campaign on both company websites prior to the announcement date of the merger. When clicked on, the banner ads would take the viewer to an animated splash page with additional information and announcing the launch date. In addition, radio and newspaper teaser ads were coordinated to run one week prior to the March 26th announcement date.

When the merger date arrived, the new AHW website was launched which included the new branding style, easier to use layout and an embedded video of the owners explaining the many benefits that the merger would provide their customers. Also, a direct mail campaign was sent to over 5000 customers along with an e-mail blitz to inform them of the merger.

Adding to the campaign success was a layer of PR which provided over $20K in estimated media coverage about the merger.

In all, print, web, digital, PR, video, and broadcast were utilized to reach the target audience, making this campaign a huge success.

For your next direct marketing campaign, identify your market, develop your strategy and think in terms of cross-channel marketing… the success it will bring pays off.

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