Why Use Social Media for Your Business?

Is Social Media Marketing worth the time?

Social media isn’t really a new thing, but maybe for your business it is. Marketing on social media platforms can seem like a foreign concept, and sometimes doesn’t even seem worth the effort. So, is it worth the time and energy to use social media as a marketing tool for your business? YES! Social media marketing is a cheap and easy alternative to traditional advertising. Need convincing, keep reading!

Why us Social Media as a Marketing tool for Your Business?

The biggest reason to use social media as a marketing tool for your business is because it is a way for you to connect to your current customers and potential customers outside of your current market. By engaging with customers through sharing content, commenting, and other online interactions, you help personify your brand and build relationships with customers.

How does this help?

  • It helps build brand awareness: The more you post and people interact with your content, the more people it will appear in front of.
  • It humanizes your brand and gives it personality: People prefer to do business with brands they connect with.
  • It gives you the opportunity to explain yourself: When someone feels they’ve had a bad experience or gives your business a negative review, you have the opportunity to comment back and try to correct the situation. This shows that you care about you business and customers’ experience with your brand.
  • Better customer satisfaction: More and more people are going to social media for questions and concerns. Direct messaging and post commenting is a quick and easy way to respond.
  • It’s the new “word of mouth”: Essentially, a good review, post, or someone sharing your content is like someone telling all their friends about your business but with a whole lot more reach.
  • It increases brand loyalty: Like mentioned before, people who connect with your business are more likely to choose your business over a similar one where they had no interaction or connect. They are also more likely to continue using the brand they had a good experience with.


Because so many brands and businesses are capitalizing on using social media marketing, customers actually tend to view companies with more likes & followers as more trustworthy. Think about it, if you see a brand with 100,000 likes vs 10,000, you are more inclined to think that there has to be some sort of reason that one brand has so much more attention & followers.

Still Not Convinced Social Media is the Right tool for Your Business?

There are also other great benefits to social media:

  • It’s cheaper than traditional advertising & marketing methods: Essentially, social media marketing is completely FREE. Yes, you can opt to use paid methods of social media marketing, but even that is much cheaper and reaches more people per dollar spent than traditional advertising.
  • Easier targeting options: With paid social media marketing, you can better target the right audience to push your message out in front of. You can target your audience by age, gender, location, and even pick specific interests that your target audience would have.
  • It’s a Gateway to your Website: With every profile you have and every post you share, the potential to drive traffic back to your website increases. With paid social media marketing, you can even have specific buttons and images that link back to certain pages on your website.


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