Web Design Process

Ever wonder what it takes to get a website up and running?

Since we just launched our own new website, we thought it would be a great idea to explain the general website design process here at Thunderstruck Design:

Initial Consultation

At Thunderstruck, all of our projects start with an free initial consultation. Here we meet with the client to identify the scope, goals, and timeline of the project. We then put together a proposal and estimate so the client knows exactly what they are getting into, no surprises.


The first step in any project is research. We research anything and everything involved in the site’s end goal. Who and what is this site for? How should it function? What is the company’s brand aesthetics? Who are the competitors? What content does the site need?

This is one of the most important parts of any web design process.

Project Development

After the research has been completed, the brainstorming begins. We meet as a team and have a creative session to start conceptualizing the site. We discuss functionality, visual aesthetics, usability, sitemap layout, and do basic wire framing; basically everything that is needed to go about accomplishing the website’s end goal.


Then comes the design stage of the project – Our designers start to work on the visual mockups of the website. We put together multiple visual design options for the client to choose from, keeping in mind the overall brand.

Design Presentation

Once the designers have completed the multiple layout options, we meet with the client and present these layouts.

Client Review & Design Feedback

The client then has the opportunity to review and provide feedback to the web design layouts. If there is feedback, the designers make edits and provide the client with edited layouts.

Design Edits & Approval

We want to make sure the client is completely happy with the design before we move on to the development. The client has the opportunity to go through a few rounds of edits before design approval. At this stage we also provide the client with a list of needs for the site.

Website Development

With designs approved and site content received, it’s time to flesh out the rest of the site. The designers layout the rest of the pages, refine site content, and create any needed graphics. The developers then turn the web design into a reality.

Beta Presentation

Once we have completed a working beta site, we then present the beta to the client.

Client Review & Approval of Beta

The client once again has the opportunity to go through any edits on the beta before approval. Our main goal is to make sure the client is completely happy with the project. We will not launch a site until the client has approved and is satisfied to the fullest extent.

Testing & Launch

Once beta approval has been made we begin testing. We review everything from mobile optimization and cross browser testing, to user experience issues – ensuring that the website is performing properly. Once everything has been tested its time to launch! The site is transferred over to the live server.

One of the philosophy of Thunderstruck is that the work we do is tailored made for the client. Every website we make is made to be easily owned and managed by the client. Once the site is launch, we offer training to the client so they know exactly how to manage the site if they choose to do so on their own. We also offer maintenance plans and hosting packages for those that want the extra help.

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