Our New Website has Launched! πŸš€


What better way to send off the old website than to kiss 😘 Β it goodbye on #NationalKissingDay!?! After working on updating our website for several months now, we’ve officially launched πŸš€ it.

The purpose of this redesign and update wasn’t to throw the old site completely out of the window, it was more of just a general refresh to keep up with the always evolving digital world. We not only wanted to update the look and feel of the site, but also make sure our site was going to be set up to look and function better across all devices.



So, what exactly has changed? Besides the whole overall look and feel, there are a few key components that we’ve updated and added to our new site. The first thing you may notice is that our site now spans across the entire screen and adapts to fit full screen for any size. This means that no matter what device a user is viewing the site on, the site will still look great!

Another important update we’ve made was creating specific pages for each of the categories of services we offer. So often we get clients who come in and only know one or two of the services we offer and are surprised to hear all the different ways we can help them. We wanted to better display exactly what we can offer clients, so we made sure to make this information more accessible and easy to understand. Now the site clearly defines what we do and the services we offer: Branding, Print, andΒ Digital. And if you’re ever in doubt, just call and ask.

As far as major changes to our site, that about covers it. You may, however, notice a few smaller changes throughout our site, such as updated website copy and portfolio samples.




There is one more change that we are super excited to introduce on our new site.
We cartooned ourselves! (Well, technically Michael was the one who illustrated everyone). So, if you’ve every wondered what our team looks like as cartoons (which I’m sure you have), go to the About UsΒ pageΒ and hover over each team member’s photo. Trust me, you want to see this.

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