Wendy’s for the #win on Twitter

It’s no secret that the Wendy’s Twitter account is one of the best out there.

They have taken engaging with customers to a whole new level! Wendy’s started to shake things up in 2017 when someone decided to try and call them out on their “fresh, never frozen” tagline. Boy, was that a mistake! Little did the person know, but he was soon about to be roasted by the one and only Wendy’s Twitter account. Which, by the way, some might even consider an honor.

 You see, at first Wendy’s tried to be nice…

 But, like they say, if you poke the bear 🐻…


Now, people flock to Twitter, trying to get roasted by the infamous Wendy’s Twitter account. Who would have thought that one witty Twitter conversation could turn into a whole new way of engaging with customers.

Check out some of our favorite Twitter responses from Wendy’s:


So if you are wondering who is in charge of such greatness, Wendy’s has an answer for that too…

And just a little word of advice….

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